CEO Message

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Message from the CEO –

Silicon Valley Directors’ Exchange (SVDX) has a long history in Silicon Valley. We are a network of Silicon Valley corporate directors and executives. The last word in our name – Exchange – expresses our mission.

We are a forum for corporate directors and executives that provides a place to meet, learn and exchange ideas and opportunities.

We are particularly proud of our strategic partnership with Stanford’s Rock Center for Corporate Governance. The Rock Center is a collaborative joint venture between the School of Law and the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University.  SVDX holds many of our meetings and events on campus and regularly hosts global thought leaders from Stanford at our programs.

In addition to our regular monthly meetings, we have special “Xchange” networking events for public company directors. Xchange events are invitation-only, small gatherings of public company directors designed to promote peer-to-peer connection and conversation.

The start of the new 2016-2018 term is an exciting time for SVDX and for me in particular as the new President.

The work that we do at SVDX is like the collaboration of coders who created Linux, the open-source software. Each new board, president and vice president builds on the work of those who came before them. It’s a labor of purpose. Except for our web administration and podcast production costs, we are all volunteers.

Borrowing from the principles of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development, we will expand on the “Exchange” in our name to build the community of directors and for directors in Silicon Valley.

My vision for SVDX is a community that is:

  1. Well-respected and highly prestigious because of its members’ collective knowledge and experience;
  2. Open and robust in promoting informed decision-making in the board room;
  3. Supportive of one another through difficult challenges;
  4. A sounding board for complex issues;
  5. A forum for vibrant peer-to-peer dialogue and requests for help;
  6. A source of the latest tested thinking on issues of corporate governance;
  7. A crucible for building trust and friendship in an inclusive and diverse community; and
  8. A hub connecting peers to new opportunities.

As directors, we play a critical role in the success of Silicon Valley. I hope that you will join us as we crowd source new ideas and build a world-class community of directors for Silicon Valley.

Thank you,
Kim Le